We want to spread positivity that green spaces bring to our health, environment, and the world.

Greenhound Community:
Every plant here has a story, from its origin, the experience we had in the nursery, garden, or cafe where we found it, to how they positively impacted our lives. We created this new Etsy space to share and propagate plants, stories, and green vibes with other people in their homes.

Our Greenhound Canada Foundation Goal:
Plants have brought me amazing therapeutic support through mental health struggles in the past. Along with other efforts, all profits here will be donated to initiatives that support green spaces for community well-being. We will bring you updates throughout this journey.

For further details, check out our organization website at www.greenhoundcanada.org and our fundraising shop page on Etsy (with the same items but with other customer's comments at greenhoundcanada.etsy.com)